partn puls max 4Municipality of Várpalota (HU)

varpalotaThe Law on Municipalities authorizes Várpalota to act in community matters (amongst other issues) in the field of urban development, environment protection, health, etc. This includes the obligation to provide a healthy living environment to its citizens. The city has the necessary competences to implement action plans and policies, and to launch concrete projects which help the fulfilment of the above aim, not only in the city, but also in its wider area. Based on the long-term city development plans, Várpalota has set the aim of reducing air pollution, especially from industry, that affects population health. Its goal is to create a clean, healthy and prospering city, attractive to people and businesses at the same time. The city, together with the health sector of the region and NGOs active in the field of environmental protection, has made several attempts to find solutions to certain fragments of environmental and health issues affecting the city and its surroundings. However, the city has realised that solving this complex problem requires a wider approach calling for a transnational cooperation, tackling the issue as a whole, using know-how and experience of other regions of CE. Based on its previous initiatives the City has accumulated valuable knowledge regarding specific aspects of environmental health such as health and environment monitoring using multi-sectoral/multi-stakeholder approach. The city has prepared and implemented several international project with other European municipalities, the experience of which will be used in TAB. An internal project management unit is available with experienced staff for the implementation and management of TAB. LP can also rely on the professional experiences of the other Hungarian PP (NIEH). For managements tasks exceeding the capacities of the City, external experts with experience in general coordination, administration & financial management of INTERREG projects will be hired.


Várpalota Város Önkormányzata
Gárdonyi Géza u. 39.
8100 Várpalota