Welcome to the CEUHEP
Central European Healthy Environment Platform

The CEUHEP is a CE-wide virtual cooperation platform and knowledge centre for sustainable cooperation within the TAB project partnership and beyond.

The objective of the CEUHEP is to collect and share the knowledge and expertise on air quality and environmental health, transferring the training methodology and programme for capacity building in CE and providing technical assistance to support Cities and Regions to air quality action planning required by the European Union’s Air Quality Directives.

The CEUHEP invites all international experts to present achievements in the field of air quality management, environmental science, engineering, technology and health science as well as to exchange experience of local and regional authorities and other involved stakeholders. 

The CEUHEP online tool covers three sections:

1. National HEPs: information about activities of National Healthy Environment Platforms in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy and Slovenia.

2. Knowledge Management: its functions include dissemination of TAB project deliverables:

  • Reports on Adaptation Action Plans and pilot actions;
  • Manuals for teachers leading training for capacity building of different groups of stakeholders to support actions on improvement of air quality in cities and regions;
  • Publications: articles and presentations of TAB partners and others.

3. External Experts Group: list of experts in different areas of environmental engineering and health science who are associated with TAB project in different ways and supported its implementation.

We hope that this platform will result in strengthening the relation between local and regional authorities and specialists on transnational level and providing knowledge and experience for better management and planning to reduce air pollution and harmful impact on human health as well as quality of life.