National HEPs Main page

An Healthy Environment Platform (HEP) is established by each partner city/region together with local and regional stakeholders.

HEPs include relevant stakeholders such as local/regional citizens' groups, industrial/traffic sector, NGOs active in the health/environment field, health care providers, research institutions, regional & national public bodies and the associated partners of TAB.

HEPs are supporting the project activities with particular reference to the following elements:

  • Validate core project outputs (Virtual Observatory, CEHUEP);
  • Provide feedback and participate in pilots activities in accordance with local/region-specific regulatoions;
  • Debate and discuss the Adaptation Action Plans;
  • Communicate and disseminate the project results;
  • Guarantee the linkage between transnational cooperation and the implementation of TAB by local and regional stakeholders.

At the following links you will find information about the national HEPs activities:

HEP of the city of Sosnoview (Poland)

HEP of the Municipality of Várpalota (Hungary)

HEP of Ústí Region (Czech Republic)

HEP of the Sangone Valley (Turin, Italy) 

HEP of the Municipality of Velenje (Slovenia)