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iplaIPLA is a public company owned by the Piedmont Region (main shareholder), the Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta and by the Turin City Council. IPLA is mainly a scientific and technical organisation supporting regional environmental protection policies and planning over more than 30 years.. Through its diverse and highly specialized structure the Istitute provides services for Piedmont Region developing studies and researches on renewable energy, soils, environmental pathologies, lanscape planning, forestry and natural heritage. IPLA, sometime on behalf of Piedmont Region, also leads or take part in transnational research and cooperation projects dealing with environment, land & sustainable development. Among the different activities, starting from the realization of an eddy-covariance station for the measurement of carbon cycling in a complex natural ecosystem, IPLA has developed experience on monitoring of gas-fluxes, in particular CO2 & O3. The Institute also operates on air-soil monitoring system through a network of meteo-boxes installed all around the Piedmont Region. The measured data, managed by a central server, are then processed in order to produce correlations graphics between climate variables & gasses, markers of pollution, like CO2 & O3. IPLA is also able to set bio-monitoring of air pollution through O3 indicator plants, aiming of assessing ozone-line symptoms through analysis carried out by IPLA pathology laboratory. As a contribution to capacity building activity in TAB IPLA can organise courses to prepare technicians to field and laboratory work on pollution bio-monitoring. The Istitute is also equipped with a specialised team working on multimedia and graphic design, geographical information system and remote sensing that will be coordinating the activities of WP2 on communication, knowledge management and dissemination. Beside that IPLA will contribute to the core outputs of TAB involving regional authorities and agencies in the process of transnational cooperations with the partners and in the implementation of a local Adaptation Action Plan. Activities and outputs delivered by IPLA have public interest only and don’t provide advantage to its core business. Results and final outputs will be available to the public free of charge by user-friendly communication tools.


IPLA - Istituto per le Piante da Legno e l'Ambiente
Corso Casale, 476
10132 Torino