partn puls max 6Environmental Research with Industrial Cooperation - ERICo (SI)

erico logoERICo provides new knowledge on the state of the environment by performing the monitoring programmes and studies of terrestrial and water ecosystems over more than 15 years. The Institute performs ecological research; basic, applied and development studies on the environment; integral environmental impact assessment, consultancy on environmental issues faced by enterprises, institutions and municipalities, carries out waste assessment, environment vulnerability studies, etc. An ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory qualified for sampling, sampling preparation and chemical analyses of water, soil, gaseous emissions, fauna, flora and many other types of samples (fuel, foodstuffs, geological samples, filter media, etc.) is available in ERICo Institute. Equipped with the latest instrumentation, it uses more the 300 hundred methods for the determination of different organic and inorganic parameters. One of the most important activities of the institute is to assess the impact of man-made air pollution (e. g. emission from the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant (ŠTPP) on environment and to monitor the efficiency of mitigation measure implemented at the ŠTTP. The reduction of negative impact of ŠTPP on the environment is the most important goal of local authorities in Velenje. Studies and activities carried out by ERICo institute serve as a reference basis for local environmental programmes; moreover, ERICo prepared several environmental education programmes for different groups of local/regional society. ERICo will work closely with Velenje Municipality to develop local Adaptation Action Plan. It will be strongly involved also in benchmarking, designing and coordination of the TAB knowledge platform, the CEUHEP and the capacity building activities. Activities and outputs delivered by ERICo have public interest only & don’t provide advantage to its core business. Results and final outputs will be available to the public free of charge by user-friendly communication tools.


ERICo Velenje, Inštitut za ekološke raziskave d.o.o.
Koroška 58
3320 Velenje