partn puls max 7Municipality of Velenje (SI)

municipality-of-velenjeWithin duties and interests as self-governing local community Municipality of Velenje (MOV) carries out administrative, professional and organisational activities in areas defined by law, municipal charter, decrees and local community acts. MOV participates in the preparation of local development plans and project councils for local programmes. Among MOVs responsibilities is the promotion of the health of its citizens, as well as ensuring the quality of air, soil, and water resources. MOV has the human resources and technical capacity, and developed a significant experience in the implementation of transnational projects. When Slovenia joined the EU, MOV was one of the first municipalities to be prepared and organized for the absorption of European funds. We have established “The Project group for EU projects”. This group will fulfil the internal coordination of the project. In technical and content related matters (throughout the implementation) MOV will be assisted by ERICo Velenje, as a knowledge provider. MOV is well aware of the importance of implementing the European and national legislation in the field of health and environment protection and tackling them in an integrated way. Care for the environment and the health of our citizens are becoming a core priority and some measures in this field have already been taken by MOV. Velenje was for some decades one of the most polluted and ecologically devastated areas in Slovenia. In 1993 MOV has adopted the “rehabilitation/recovery environmental program” which has not yet been implemented in full, even if the most important ecological problems have been solved. The city has developed itself over years to become a European model in improving water quality (river and lakes), and aims to implement the gained competences into air quality local improvement as well as to transfer them to the TAB partners.


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