Turin Mayor Fassino “tandem” interview 

The interview related to development perspective of city bike sharing and of pollution reduction measures.

This interview of Mr. Fassino (Turin Major), given on a saddle of a special tandem bicycle, focused on the present state of the city bicycle traffic network (bicycle paths, combined lanes for pedestrians and cyclists, bicycle lanes) and on its future development. He reported that the administration is planning to double the today net of 170 km in a few years and to increase the number of bike sharing stations from 116 to 140 with a wider coverage of suburban areas.

He also remarked that the high debt of the Turin City is mainly related to the strong investments carried out in the last years to support a sustainable development implementing new metro lines, district heating and waste-to-energy plants. All these medium-long term investments are expected to support the economic development as well as to improve air quality.