“Low emissions and high risk” campaign in Sosnowiec

From September 2011 to March 2012 a successful promotional campaign was implemented in Sosnowiec by Tauron Cieplo S.A. Company.

It was called : “Low emissions and high risk”, and was a complementary action to the activities undertaken in the TAB Project.
The main aim of this campaign was raising awareness of the inhabitants about the dangers of low emissions on human health and on the environment. The target users of the campaign were inhabitants of semi-detached and detached houses in Sosnowiec heated by stoves with particular focus on the property owners who take decisions about the sorts of fuel used in their buildings.
Within the campaign the following initiatives were developed:

  • Public opinion polls.
  • Competitions and trainings for teachers and kids.
  • 14 open meetings for inhabitants of Sosnowiec and property managers.
  • The website about the campaign and profile on Facebook.
  • Conference for property owners.
  • Distribution about 60.000 ecological newspapers among citizens of Sosnowiec and Silesia region.
  • Unconventional and spectacular happenings for all inhabitants.

One of these happening is available at :

Currently, the campaign results are analyzed but it is already known that there is a real urgent need for implementation of further trainings and continue information activities for all inhabitants of the city.