partn puls max 1Central Mining Institute - GIG (PL)

logo-gigGIG is a state research-development unit with 60 years’ experience in mining, environmental and civil engineering, and related fields. GIG has been serving the region and national economy since 1925. GIG’s mission is to create modern, energy saving and clean technologies and technical solutions in engineering and to help the formation of relations people-industry-environment. GIG undertakes complex and interdisciplinary tasks in numerous branches of industry and national economy. implementing Integrated System of Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety, confirmed by a certificate of PCBC. GIG creates platforms for networking and partnership with research units of the Silesian Region and is also the coordinator of Integrated Science-Technology Institute (11 involved Institutes) and of the Centre of Advance Technologies “Energy-Environment-Health” with 17 research, business and industry units. GIG is one of the leading applied research centres in the field of fuel management, energy saving and outdoor and indoor air quality including particle measurement PM2.5, PM10 and development of air protection, sustainable management of natural resources, CO2 capture and storage, waste management and recycling, biomass for synthesis processes and energy production and usage of biogas. Results of the project will be used in assisting municipalities of the Silesia Region, included in the HEP, particularly in Upper-Silesian Metropolitary Union (14 municipalities located in centre of Silesian Voivodship, having a population of about 2.1 millions) and in Sosnowiec for developing strategy on the improvement of life quality by lowering adverse impact from anthropogenic emissions of gases, aerosols and other pollutants into environment. Stakeholders will be involved by modern active e-learning system and teleconferences via internet on top of the HEP meetings.


GIG - Główny Instytut Górnictwa
Plac Gwarków 1
40-166 Katowice