Partner presentation

The TAB project draws its partners from 5 highly populated urban areas (Várpalota HU; Bohemia CZ; Upper Silesia Pl; North East of SI; Piedmont Region IT) with strong industrial activities resulting in growing air pollution and a need for improving territorial cohesion. In these areas, often characterised by economic transition, the ambient levels of particulates and some pollutant gases exceed national averages due to past industrial activities, the increasing volume of traffic and pollution from outdated heating systems. This problem is accentuated in time of extreme weather conditions occurring more frequently during the last years as a result of climate change. TAB Partners fully understand citizens' concern about health impacts of air pollution and wish to give appropriate solutions to them by clarifying the problems and the underlying causes and by working together to set up common objectives and measures to reduce the adverse effects of air pollution on the health and quality of life.

partn puls max 1Central Mining Institute - GIG (PL)

partn puls max 2National Institute of Environmental Health - NIEH (HU)

partn puls max 3Ústí Region (CZ)

partn puls max 4Municipality of Várpalota (HU)

partn puls max 5Forestry and environment Institute - IPLA (IT)

partn puls max 6Environmental Research with Industrial Cooperation - ERICo (SI)

partn puls max 7Municipality of Velenje (SI)

partn puls max 8Municipality of Sosnowiec (PL)