myair logoPASODOBLE project

Air quality is a crucial environmental factor, e.g. evidenced by the fact that pollutants in the air are estimated to reduce the lifetime of the average European citizen by 8 months. Assessing and monitoring air quality are thus fundamental to improve Europe’s welfare.

PASODOBLE will develop and demonstrate user-driven downstream information services for the public, regional and local air quality sectors by combining space-based and in-situ data with models in 4 thematic service lines:

  • Health community support for hospitals, pharmacies, doctors and people at risk
  • Public information for regions, cities, tourist industry and sporting event organizers
  • Compliance monitoring support on particulate matter for regional environmental agencies
  • Local forecast model evaluation support for local authorities and city bodies

Continuing on the achievements of the ESA GSE PROMOTE project, PASODOBLE will stimulate the development of quality-assured air quality services towards their application market by increasing the implementation efficiency of demonstrated and operational services in the future (new regions, users or parameter combinations, additional service providers).