partn puls max 3Ústí Region (CZ)

logo-barevne-textThe Ústí Region's (Ú.R.) main competence is to contribute to the territorial development of the region. As a regional body it is responsible for the preparation and implementation of conception documents (policies) for its territory thus it does have the competence to propose changes in laws and regulations. The central government delegates partial duties to the Region, in fields specified by the law. In the field of health and social services the Ú.R. is the owner and operator of a healthcare company running 5 urgent care and 2 after care hospitals, psychiatric medical institutions, 18 different social service institutions. The regional body is also responsible for the preparation of concept documents/strategies in environmental fields such as: lowering pollution programme, regional programme on climate (air) quality improvement, drainage area plans, waste management plans, sustainable development strategy etc. Ú.R is a public authority with its own budget and decision-making power, and can influence national policies by expert opinions and through its own law proposals. The Region operates with about 500 employees and it is a financially strong institution. It prepares and carries out a wide range of international and national projects. For these tasks it has set up an EU Projects Department, employing quality staff experienced in the design and implementation of EU projects. This staff also includes several experts specialised in the field of environment and health. The region is a partner in stakeholder discussions, cooperates with external public and private institutions focused on public health and environment. Man-made pollution and its impact to the human health is a theme of crucial importance for the Region, hence the pilot results will be implemented and used by the Ú.R. afterwards. Ú.R can bring the experience with measurements of emissions and imissions of polluters considering that measuring stations are placed in the whole country and pollution data is being collected for many years.


Ústecký kraj
Velká Hradební 3118/48
400 02 Ústí nad Labem
Czech Republic