Other projects and materials related to the TAB project

MOSSCLONE logoMOSSCLONE Project - Creating and testing a method for controlling the air quality based on a new biotechnological tool.

The European Council Directive 96/62/EC about ambient air quality assessment and management, requires to States the periodical availability of information about air quality within their territories. Nevertheless, the available methods are expensive, which prevents they can be used in a large scale.

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myair logoPASODOBLE project

Air quality is a crucial environmental factor, e.g. evidenced by the fact that pollutants in the air are estimated to reduce the lifetime of the average European citizen by 8 months. Assessing and monitoring air quality are thus fundamental to improve Europe’s welfare.

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intasenselogoINTASENSE Integrated air quality sensor for energy efficient environment control

INTASENSE is a 3-year project which brings together 8 organisations from 5 countries. Space heating accounts for more than 50% of the energy consumption of public & residential buildings, and reduction of this energy demand is a key strategy in the move to low energy/low carbon buildings.

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bicy logoBICY - Cities and Regions for cycling

BICY project encourages cycling mobility as an increased use of bicycles would bring about an enormous reduction of problems associated with congestion, pollution and the emission of CO2, which is also a goal of project TAB.

tab linkProgetto TAB, per dare fiato ai paesi dell'Est

"TAB project, for giving breath to thecountries of Eastern Europe", La Stampa.itarticle published in the Environment section by VeronicaUlivieriin the edition ofJanuary 28, 2013.